Lunch menu
(sample menu)
Served daily 12pm to 4pm
Two courses - £9.95
Three courses - £11.95


Soup of the day

Bruschetta à la greque


Vegetarian keftedes

Trio of dips served with hot chargrilled pita

Main Courses

Chicken sis kebab

Falafels served with tahini

Large Greek salad with mixed leaves, feta cheese, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes and onions and our special house dressing.

Salt and pepper haddock

Briam - selection of vegetables roasted in the oven with tomatoes, herbs and white wine.



Choice of ice-creams

Chocolate fudge cake

Wine List
(All wines are subject to change)

Red house wine

Merlot by the glass 175ml £4.20
¼ litre 250 ml £5.65

White house wine

Pinot grigiot by the glass 175 ml £4.20
¼ litre 250 ml £5.65

Pinot blush

by the glass 175ml £4.20
¼ litre 250ml £5.65

All the above wines by bottle £16.95

Wines by the bottle

Red wine

Othello - £23.95
full bodied, robust, dry wine from the Keo vineyards of Cyprus

Nemea - £24.95
Greek medium bodied wine with the aromas of cherries, boysenberries and spice

Naoussa - £24.95
spicy and full bodied wine from Greece with overtones of dark chocolate, raspberries and violets

Makedonikos - £23.95
Lively, fruity and bursting with the freshness of grapes from Greece

Monte pulciano d’abruzzo - £ 15.95
fresh, full bodied Italian wine with hints of wild berries

White wine

Aphrodite - £23.95
Dry Crisp wine from the keo vineyards of Cyprus

Makedonikos – £23.95
Crystal clear dry white wine from Tsantali with aromas of white flowers and lavender

Thisbe - £23.95
medium dry Cyprus wine from the vineyards of Keo. Subtle hints of grapefruit and apples

St Panteleimon - £16.95
medium sweet Cyprus wine from the vineyards of Keo. Floral bouquet with hints of citrus

Retsina - £ 19.95
very dry, typical rich aroma of halkidiki pines. Soft and cool with spicy aftertones

Chablis – £26.95
Dry, white wiTh ample ripe stone fruit taste with honeyed richness and floral undertones from Greece.

Trebbiano D’abruzzo – £ 15.95
dry and fruity Italian white wine

Pouilly Fume - £29.95
Reserved, refined and refreshing with mineral notes intermingling with a citrus core and leafy undertones

by the glass £ 6.75 or by the bottle £ 20.95

Please ask your server for champagnes and prosecco available

Frosoulla’s Sunday Mixed Meze
6 Mains

2 Sides

you choose!

£14.95pp   12.30 - 5.30pm

Sample Menu

Olive Tapenade



Salmon & Dill Fishcakes with Ouzo Cream





Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings


Greek Salad




Hand Cut Chips


Acropolis – £5.95
no.12 ouzo, grenadine, lemonade, ice.

Athenian Rose – £6.45
vodka, Zivana, crystal rose syrup, cranberry juice.

Brandy Alexander – £6.25
Cyprus brandy, Tia Maria, cream, ice.

Brandy Sour – £6.25
Cyprus brandy, lemon, angostura bitters, lemonade, ice.

Cosmopolitan – £5.95
Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, a squeeze of lime.

Elderflower G & T - £6.45
Gin, elderflower cordial, tonic water, mint leaves, strawberries.

French Martini – £6.45
Vodka, Chambord raspberry liqueur, pineapple juice, a touch of lime, ice.

Hades Heaven – £6.45
Zivana, gin, lemonade, lime, ice.

Helen of Troy – £6.75
Grand Marnier, Cyprus brandy, rum, cream, ice.

Homer’s House – £6.45
Cyprus brandy, amaretto, lemonade, ice.

Mojito - £6.25
Bacardi rum, brown sugar, mint leaves, soda water.

White Aphrodite – £6.75
coconut, cream, Cyprus brandy, lemonade, ice.

Zivana Sunrise – £6.85
Zivana, orange juice, vodka, grenadine.


Pikilia Hellenic (For two sharing) - £9.95
Trio of Houmous, taramasalata and tzatziki dip
Keftedes and dolmades smothered in our house roasted tomato and mavrodaphne wine sauce. Served with hot pitta bread.

Dolmades - £4.95
Succulent Californian vine leaves stuffed with lamb mince, tomatoes and herbs and smothered in our house, roasted tomato and mavrodaphne wine sauce.

Keftedes - £4.95
Crispy deep fried, seasoned meatballs with herbs and breadcrumbs. Smothered in our house, roasted tomato and wine sauce.

Halloumia  Kai Lountza - £5.65
Cyprus goat and sheep milk cheese and Smoked Cyprus Ham, marinated in olive oil, herbs and lemon and chargrilled. Served with hot pitta.

Salt & pepper calamari - £5.65
Tender rings of deep fried calamari in a light crispy salt and pepper batter. Served with fresh lemon wedges

Salt and pepper White bait / sprats - £5.65
Delicious little fish from the sardine family. Coated in a crispy salt and pepper batter and served with fresh lemon wedges.  

Greek Salad(V) - £4.95
Mixed leaves tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and fetta cheese. Drizzled with our special house Greek salad dressing & served with hot pitta bread.

Houmous (V) - £4.75
Chickpea, olive oil, lemon dip.

Tzatziki (V) - £4.75
Creamy Greek yoghurt ,garlic, mint and cucumber dip.  

Taramasalata - £4.75
Cod roe, lemon, olive oil dip

Tahini (V) - £4.75
Sesame paste, olive oil, lemon and garlic dip   

All dips are served with hot pitta bread off the charcoal grill.

Falafels (V) - £4.95   
Crispy deep fried pates of Chick peas ,onions herbs & spices
Served with tahini dip

Soup of the day - £3.95
Just ask your server for today’s soup 

Brueschetta a la Greque £5.45

Beetroot, Walnut, Red Onion and Feta Salad £5.45


(minimum 2 persons)

Frosoulla's special mezedes is a selection of dishes prepared by Frosoulla herself and available on a weekly basis. There will be a selection of starters hot and cold and a selection of main course dishes presented in our traditional mezedes style. There is also a dessert selection included in the mezedes. £25pp

Special Mezedes - £25.00pp

(minimum 2 persons)

Mezedes is a selection of our favourite dishes served in the restaurant. It comprises of starters & main courses with sweet included or coffee.

Meat Mezedes - £21.95pp

1st course - Houmous, tzatziki , taramasalata. Served with hot pitta.

2nd course- Moussaka, dolmades, keftedes and falafels with tahini dressing.

3rd course- Kleftiko, chicken sis kebab, sis kofte, rice, roast potatoes and Greek salad.

4th course- Creamy Greek Yoghurt with nuts and wild Cyprus honey or choose from ice cream or Coffee.

Main  Courses

*All of our meat comes staright from the Sandyford meat market  in  Glasgow and is butchered in-house, assuring the best quality and freshness for our customers*

Kleftiko - £16.95
This has been prepared the same way for over 45 years by Maria Kyriacou and it is our house special.
Large piece of tender, slow cooked lamb with oregano and herbs. So tender, it falls straight off the bone.  

Stifado - £12.55
TTender pieces of beef, slow cooked in Mavrodaphne red wine, onions and Xinomavro red-wine vinegar with cinnamon and spices. Hearty and filling.

Tavva - £12.55
Tender pieces of beef, slow cooked in tomatoes, coconut cream, greek yogurt, cumin and nutmeg.

Moussaka - £11.95
LLayers of sautéed aubergines or courgettes (seasonal) & potatoes with lamb mince, herbs and topped with a creamy Greek cheese and béchamel sauce and bake din the oven.

Afelia - £12.35
Cypriot dish of pan-fried pork, marinated in Sweet Greek wine with coriander, lemon and nutmeg.

Dolmades - £11.95
Steamed, young vine leaves, stuffed with herb- seasoned lamb mince, rice and smothered in our roast tomato and mavrodaphne red wine sauce.

Keftedes - £11.95
Classic- Greek crispy, deep-fried meatballs with herbs, potatoes and breadcrumbs and smothered in our roast tomato & mavrodaphne, Greek wine sauce.

Pasticchio - £11.95
Cypriot version of moussaka with layers of rigatoni makaronia with lamb mince, fresh-mint, black cracked pepper and topped in a creamy béchamel and Graveria-cheese sauce.

Seafood saganaki -  £17.95
Large bowl of mussels, prawns, cod, salmon and calamari in a roast tomato, ouzo and white wine & dill bisque and topped with feta cheese. If you love fish, this is for you.

Salt and pepper Calamari - £11.85
Tender rings of calamari in a light, crispy, salt and black cracked pepper tempura batter & drizzled with lemon butter.

Chicken Yachni - £12.35
Cypriot, rustic dish with pieces of chicken, slow cooked in a clay dish with tomatoes, vegetables, bay lead and white wine.

Frosoulla’s mint and dill salmon-cakes - £11.65
Served with a rich ouzo cream and rocket.

All dishes served with your choice of rice chips or roast potatoes.

Vegetarian selection

These dishes are subject to change to provide variety for our vegetarian and vegan customers

Kanalonni me spinaki(V) £10.95
Kanalonni tubes  stuffed with  creamy fetta cheese  and spinach filling  and topped with tomato and béchamel cheese sauce 

Melenzania (V) - £10.95
Layers of sautéed aubergines, potatoes, and breadcrumbs and topped with our roasted tomato and greek  Othello red wine sauce and baked in the oven.

Fasolaki me yiaourti (V) - £10.95 
White canelinni bean and chick- pea tomato cassoulet with red wine, herbs and topped with a dollop of creamy greek yoghurt.    

Vegetarian dolmades(V) - £10.95  
Young steamed vineleaves stuffed with  rice, herbs and vegetables and smothered in our roasted tomato and greek  ayoritikos wine sauce.        

Vegetarian Moussaka (V) - £10.95
Layers of sautéed potatoes , vegetables , cinnamon and topped in a creamy béchamel and greek cheese sauce and baked in the oven.   

Falafels (V) - £10.95
Crispy deepfried patties of chickpeas, beans, onions and herbs and spices .

All  of  the  above  dishes  are  served  with  a  choice  of  rice, chips or roast  potatoes.

Chargrill Menu

The following dishes are prepared in our kitchen on our special charcoal  grill to give that smokey barbecue taste.

Lamb sis kebab - £14.25

Large skewer with tender pieces of lamb, peppers and onions marinated in house herbs, olive oil and lemon. 

Chicken Sis kebab - £13.45
Large skewer with tender pieces of chicken breast , peppers and onions and marinated in house herbs, olive oil and lemon.  

Lamb Kebab - £12.95
Large skewer of tender lamb pieces , marinated in house herbs, olive oil and lemon.

Chicken Kebab - £11.95
Large skewer of tender pieces of chicken breast, marinated  in house herbs , olive oil and lemon.   

Mixed  kebab - £14.25
Large  skewer of  tender chicken  and  lamb pieces, marinated  in house herbs, olive oil  and  lemon .

Adana  Kebab - £12.95
Middle-eastern lamb kofte patties served on hot pitta bread and smothered with our house roasted tomato and greek makedonikos red wine sauce and topped with a dollop of creamy tzatziki. 

Sheftalia - £11.95
Succulent pork, fennel and cumin sausages.    

All the above kebabs can be served on our traditional Cypriot flat. Topped with creamy tzatziki, greek salsa and served with large, hand-cut, chunky, herb Mediterranean fries.

Char-grill house speciality £1.50 supp*

 Choice of sauces available for steaks, just ask your server…

Side orders

Hand-cut Mediterranean chunky herb-fries £2.20
Rice £1.95
Flat Bread £1.50
Pitta Bread £0.75
Feta Cheese £2.95
Halloumi Cheese £2.95
Kalamata Olives £2.95

Dessert menu

Trio of Greek yoghurts - £ 5.30
Kolios Greek Yoghurt with individual toppings of raspberry coulis, toasted almonds, amaretto liquere &crushed amaretti biscuits . honey and pistacchios.

Kataifi - £ 3.95
Shredded, angel hair filo pastry stuffed with nuts and drizzled with honey syrup, served with ice cream

Paklava - £ 5.20
Crispy filo pastry layered with nuts and drizzled with honey syrup. Served with cream or ice cream.  

Greek mix - £ 4.40
Half-portion of kataifi  & paklava served with cream and ice cream.

Ginger fudge sundae - £ 5.25
Vanilla ice cream, ginger fudge cake pieces, butterscotch sauce and a drizzle of metaxa brandy topped off with whipped cream.

Honey apple pie - £ 4.20
Delicious  honey- topped  apples in a shortcrust  pastry, served with ice cream or creamy kolios greek yoghurt. 

Pandora sundae - £ 4.60
Vanilla ice cream, maraschino cherries, raspberry coulis and white chocolate flakes and topped with whipped cream.

Desert Rose sundae - £ 5.25
Vanilla ice cream, Turkish delight pieces, pisatchios and rose petal syrup. Topped with coconut  and whipped cream.

Ice cream - £ 3.60
Choice of choc mint chip, strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. Or mix up the flavours.

Poached Pears Frosoulla - £5.65
Pears poached in vanilla and cinnamon and served with ice cream and pistachios.    

Sticky toffee pudding - £4.60
Served with ice cream and cream  

Berry Mess - £ 5.25
Crushed meringues with mixed fresh berries in a raspberry coulis and ice cream.  Topped with fresh cream and served in a glass.                

Lemon-twist crush - £ 5.85
Tangy, crisp and refreshing lemon dessert with lemon coulis, vodka, ice cream and meringue, served in a martini glass with fresh cream.          

Kids Menu

Soup of the day - £1.95

Chicken souvlakia with chips - £4.50

Fish gougons with chips - £4.50

Burger with chips -  £4.50

Any of the above dishes can be served with a greek salad.

Kids ice cream choice of flavours - £1.95

Pre-theatre menu (sample menu)
5.00 pm/6.30 pm
Tuesday to Thursdays

4.30 pm/6.00 pm

2 courses £13.95/ 3 courses £15.95
Menus Change Monthly



Homemade pate with warm pita and chutney

Greek Salad

Soup of the day

Bruschetta a la greque

Main Courses

Pasta lefkariti- penne pasta with tomatoes, olives, chilli flakes, onions, fetta and olive oil.


Salt and pepper calamari

Chicken sis kebab

Vegetarian dolmades


ice cream flavours

apple pie with cream and ice cream

About Frosoulla's

Designed in the classic Greek style, Frosoulla’s offers a sophisticated dining environment with traditionally cooked dishes served with a modern twist.



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